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How to Inform Your Kids About Fire Safety

Letting your little ones know the importance of being safe when a fire breaks out is imperative but can also be daunting. Such a serious subject can either be too much for them to handle, or it might go right over their heads. So how do you discuss the subject with them the right way? While there is no one solution, here are some tips to make the situation a little easier.

When Is the Right Time?

The first question you are probably asking yourself is when exactly should you inform your kids about the dangers of fire. Our suggestion is to have this discussion when they are old enough to understand that there are right and wrong ways to react in certain situations. Typically, this is when they enter the curious phase where they begin to ask questions in order to understand the world around them. As they grow older and more mature, you can still teach them about the hazards, such as when they begin to cook their own food. At this point they will already have an understanding of what causes fires, but they will need to learn how to extinguish them. From there, they can pass along the information to younger ones themselves.

Identify the Hazards Together

Go through your home with your child to point out all the areas and items that are harmful enough to cause a fire. Even if they do not understand the function of the item, they at least need to know that in certain situations, it can cause a fire. While we don’t suggest going into enough detail to seriously scare the child, we do suggest letting them know there can be serious consequences when mishandling the product/item. The goal is to get them to avoid items like:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Candles
  • Electrical cords
  • Lamps
  • Irons
  • Christmas tree lights
  • And more

Teach Them How to React

Once you have successfully pointed out all or the majority of the hazardous objects, inform the child what they should do if for some reason there is a fire. When something like an item of their clothing is on fire, you should teach them the “stop, drop, and roll” method. Do this demonstration with them a couple of times until they get the hang of it and can perform the movements themselves. Remind them to cover their face and mouth when doing this action.

Get Creative

Since a child’s attention span is short, try to switch it up by turning the lesson into a fun game they will want to be a part of. You can do this by having a fire drill every month with different scenarios, even if they are outrageous scenarios, and have a designated area away from your house they can go to in order to remain safe. Get creative with every scenario so that it is not too serious or overwhelming for the child, but enough to where they are truly prepared for what might happen.

Help Them Understand the Importance of 911

With any emergency, you will have to call the authorities. Now is a good time to let your child know about this lifeline, and even show them how to call 911 themselves. Stress to them that this is only for emergencies and should not be dialed just for fun.

As stated earlier, once small children have learned proper fire safety procedure, they can pass it on to others when they get older. This will give you peace of mind when it comes time for you to leave your kids at home by themselves someday. If your home is not insured against fire, get in touch with one of our agents as soon as possible! We can find the right plan for you.

A Guide to Preventing Slips and Falls Around Your Business

Whether you actually hurt yourself or just suffer from a bruised ego, slipping and falling is always a nasty shock. At home, you can usually just dust yourself off and forget about it, but if you own a business, slips and falls suddenly become much more serious. Maintaining a safe business property for your employees and customers becomes paramount, both to give them a great experience, and to prevent any big insurance claims from knocking at your door.

Reduce your business’s potential for hazardous slips and falls by implementing these safety tips:

Secure Stairways and Ramps

Stay up to date with your city’s local building codes, and install the proper handrails along every stairway and ramp. Even tiny platforms comprised of 1 or 2 steps should have some kind of banister in place. This gives stability to your pedestrians and helps protect you if someone falls in those areas and decides to pursue legal action against you. Also consider lining your stairs and ramps with a non-slip material.

Maintain Walkways and Lawn Areas

Remove obstructions from any walking paths that your employees or customers have to use. It is also important to repair uneven, broken, or bumpy surfaces in the parking lot or on the sidewalk. In the winter, make sure your sprinkler systems are turned off and drained to prevent leaks and icy patches around your establishment.

Keep Safety in Mind All the Time

Aside from covering the basics to keep your business up to code, just make it a habit to look for potential slipping/falling hazards located all around your business.

  • Maintain adequate lighting in all areas where pedestrians will be walking.
  • Keep “Wet Floor” signs in areas where your employees can conveniently access them to warn people away from spills.
  • Repair torn carpet, loose or missing floor tiles, and other flooring materials as soon as you can after they are damaged.
  • If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, establish a snow removal plan for parking lots, sidewalks, and dumpster areas.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers posted in areas where people can see them easily.
  • Stay stocked up on first-aid kits and keep them in plain site. These emergency resources help you and your staff minimize the damage of a bad fall.

When an employee or a customer takes a fall at your business, the consequences have the potential to be dire. Prevent them as much as you can by keeping the area clean and maintained. People will be safer and your business will look better for your efforts! Overall, make sure you are protected by a solid insurance policy that will cover your company if someone gets hurt anyway. You can never be too secure!