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Pre-Existing Conditions in 2024: Are You Covered?

In the realm of health insurance, pre-existing conditions have long been a focal point of discussion and concern. These conditions, which are typically defined as illnesses or health issues that existed before the start of a new insurance policy, can significantly impact coverage options and premiums. As we navigate through 2024, understanding how pre-existing conditions […]


Why Professional Liability Insurance is Critical for Your Business

In today’s competitive and litigious business environment, safeguarding your company against potential lawsuits and claims is not just prudent but essential. Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance, plays a crucial role in protecting businesses from the financial repercussions of professional mistakes or allegations of negligence. Whether you’re a consultant, a […]


Weather-Related Home Insurance: What’s New in 2024?

In an era where extreme weather events are becoming the norm rather than the exception, understanding the nuances of weather-related home insurance has never been more critical. Whether you’re nestled in a coastal town prone to hurricanes or situated in a region where wildfires are a seasonal threat, the right insurance policy could mean the […]


Universal Life Insurance: What You Should Know

Life insurance often sits on the back burner of financial conversations, overshadowed by more common topics like savings accounts or retirement plans. However, for many individuals and families, it’s an integral part of comprehensive financial planning. Understanding the options available, such as Universal Life Insurance, can make a significant difference in securing a stable financial […]


Understanding Employee Benefit Liability Insurance for Businesses

In a world marred with unpredictability, insurance serves as the proverbial lifeboat, not just for personal ventures, but also for commercial enterprises. One such offering, often overshadowed by its more well-known counterparts, can make or break a business in the face of employee-related incidents. This blog is for the astute business owner who recognizes the […]

family gathered around the Thanksgiving table with a turkey

Top 5 Health & Safety Risks to Avoid This Holiday Season 

Holidays are supposed to be about sharing good times with family and friends, so we’ve gathered some tips for how to avoid the biggest risks to your season of cheer.   Illness   Transmissible viruses are the biggest risk when celebrating the holidays. Avoiding people when sick is key, but sometimes it is accidental or unavoidable. Washing […]

blog image of a home decorated for Halloween; blog title: how to get yout home ready for a safe halloween

How to Get Your Home Ready For a Safe Halloween 

Witches and ghouls are scary for the kiddos, but as a homeowner, you know that the real terror of Halloween lies in vandalism, lawsuits, and liability claims. Use these tips to make your home and belongings safe on Halloween night, both for you and your spooky visitors.    Be All In or All Out   Trick-or-treaters […]

image of a mother showing her son how to brush his teeth

Seven Ways to Make Dental Health Fun for Kids 

Cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases affecting children today, but the good news is they are almost completely preventable. According to the Center for Disease Control, about one-third of all cavities can be prevented by fluoride varnish, which children can obtain from dental applications, fluoride-treated water, and toothpaste containing fluoride. Below, we […]

image of a flooded home

Flood Insurance FAQs 

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), floods are the most commonly occurring natural disaster in the U.S. However, most standard homeowners policies do not offer coverage for damages from flooding. When considering whether or not you need flood insurance, there are a few questions you will want to ask. Below, we outline those […]

mother and her three children standing outside watching their home burn

Five Tips for Home Fire Preparation and Safety

As a homeowner, you hope never to encounter a fire on your property. Home fires are a common occurrence, taking place about every 93 seconds. Therefore, it is vital to prepare a fire safety plan, should the unexpected arise. Here are a few tips to ensure you and your family are ready in the event […]